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Passwordless Authentication

A robust and frictionless authentication to leave passwords in the past, by using secure mechanisms as Push Auth or One-time Password Authentication.

Mobile As Identity

Bind your users identity to their mobile device for a higher control and accountability, for a single or multiple services. AuthSec eliminates the risk of password reuse and account impersonation.

Smart Risk Assessment

Our next-generation authentication system that evaluates mobile and environmental information to determine if the authentication request is safe, protecting your company from fraudulent logins.

Bank-level authentication for your company

Eliminate passwords for your users or employees today for a more secure and streamlined authentication process:

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Bank-level Security
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Cost Reduction
Passwords are insecure

Passwords are a weak point in the system security, as users often choose short or obvious passwords that can be easily guessed, generated by brute-force attacks or stolen by phishing attack or man-in-the-middle attacks.

Passwords are a liability

Companies need to keep secured the passwords of their users or customers, as well as keep active policies to avoid phishing or brute-force attacks. If passwords are compromised, it could mean a major security breach.

Passwords are a annoying

Users are required to remember long passwords for each service they are using. This fact introduces a lot of friction in the user experience and leads to password reuse o simplification of the passwords, practices that introduce security weaknesses.

Passwords are expensive

User requests to the customer service regarding password management (password loss, reset, etc.) account for 50% of customer service resources. Companies also need to take care of the cost of the secure user password custody.

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